December Mobility

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


December Mobility


  • Tspine Overhead extension on GHD machine
  • Overhead rib mobilization
  • Classic spinal twist
  • Low back smash with two lacrosse balls
  • Barbell Quad Smash
  • Knee gap with lacrosse ball


  • Banded Shoulder Capsule mobilization
  • Overhead tissue smash
  • Lateral hip opener
  • Psoas smash with Kettlebell and LB
  • reverse ballerina
  • Olympic wall squat


  • Bilateral shoulder flexion
  • Reverse sleeper stretch
  • Glute smash
  • Side hip LB smash
  • Lateral and anterior compartment smash
  • Bone saw calf smash


  • Anterior barbell smash
  • Bilateral internal rotation mobilization
  • Single leg flexion with external rotation
  • Olympic wall squat
  • Suprapatella smash
  • Couch stretch


  • Sink mobilization
  • Tricep extension smash
  • Gentle hip distraction
  • Barbell super frog
  • Monkey bar of death

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