What you will need if you are at home performing your Mobility:
At a minimum, you will need:
(1) 3 lacrosse balls (2 of which will be taped together) and
(2) a jump stretch band (which is like a gigantic rubber band – preferably in blue or green). Any brand of jump stretch band will do but we get ours from Rogue Fitness. Rogue has created a handy Mobility Package that includes lacrosse balls and jump stretch band.
In addition, we recommend investing in a Voodoo Floss Band.
You may see us use other equipment like foam rollers, the Armaid, Trigger Point Therapy balls and rollers, the Thoracic Wedge, the Stick, and the TheraCane. You can find all of these products online but the basic equipment (lacrosse balls/jump stretch bands/Voodoo Floss Band) will allow you to follow the Mobility program.

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